Quality Statement

Our Commitment

Water and Pipeline Services are committed to developing and expanding the business in a sustainable manner.

The key to this is not only in maintaining but enhancing our reputation within the industry and meeting customer expectations through exemplary service, innovation and value added solutions. The company is committed to continually improving its performance by having an effective management system in place to deliver best practice.

Our Policy              

Water and Pipeline Services and its directors and managers will:

  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulation and government guidance and where possible, follow relevant industry codes of practice.
  • Document and record our key business processes.
  • Continually improve our organisation’s management system through the setting of objectives and targets.
  • Monitor, audit and review our organisation’s management system to ensure that it is being used to company and client benefit and is relevant and adequate.
  • Provide relevant management system training for staff.
  • Ensure that relevant information is available to all who require it.
  • Ensure suppliers and sub-contractors perform to the organisations requirements.
  • Monitor, assess and improve our service through customer or client questionnaires and appraisals.
  • Consult those affected prior to construction and give clear notification of works to be undertaken.

Our Key Responsibilities

Water and Pipeline Services are accountable for quality matters and requires its directors and their managers to be responsible for quality policy performance and delivering a high level of customer satisfaction within their areas of control. All employees and contractors have a duty to comply with the requirements of the quality policy.

Our Organisation

The organisation and arrangements for quality management are detailed in the company’s management system

Each Director/Manager is responsible for the implementation of the policy within their areas of control.

The Directors are, with HSEQ Advisors responsible for providing the systems that enable the organisation to implement this policy.

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